Free iRacing setups open source use as you wish, for all of the NASCAR series!

Welcome to opensetups.winformerly known as opensetups.ml and our birth name opensourcesetups.x10.mx. Regardless of how you got here you've found the premier spot on the web for free open-source use as you wish iRacing NASCAR setups. This site is a no cost place to get you prepared to hit the track and run competitively in open setup eNASCAR iRacing series. A-Class Cup, B-Class Xfinity, and C-Class Truck series iRacing setups can be found for each track from the navigation menu at the top of this or any page. Soon setups for the NASCAR Legends 1987 series will be added for select tracks.

If you are having trouble with the web site or just prefer to you can also find all of our setup files mirrored in our GitHub repository. No sign up is required to download from either place.

Do you know what to do with the setup file once you have downloaded it? If not see the FAQ pages for instructions on how to get the setup onto the car in the sim.

Please bear with us as the site is still very much a work in progress. I plan to put a divider or some type of marker so that you can tell setups that were built before from those built after the last major change to the given series or update of the core sim itself. I do my best to have something posted for each week even if it is just a copy of the generic iRacing_open setup for the track/series in any given week. Check back later in the week and there is a good possibility a DavRace or DX will be added. Those are almost always faster and more stable than any other option with the hierarchy _open

We're Famous!

A fantastic website called DIY Game Controllers who have a lot of articles and info on homemade accessories for Sim Racing as well as homemade accessories for Combat Flight Sims. They just published a review of the best places to find free iRacing setups. Well they just so happened to have named this humble little website as the #1 place to find fast free iRacing setups!

IT'S HERE! Dirt Rally (2.0) setups.

I figured a way to work around the fact that it appears that CodeMasters will never update the game with a way to export setups like they had been promising. Promised as the case may be because I don't see a chance of it happening now that Satan err I mean EA has bought them out.

Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to find a way to display the different car/track/parameters in a manner that is both easy to read and enter into the sim so that it makes a lick of sense when you read it. If you just have to have a setup optimized for each car/track you can still visit WRCSetups for a sparse collection of setups across the many cars. A handful of mine are there as well.

For everyone else I have put together a universal basic Dirt Rally 2.0 setup that should enable you to run competitive stints in just about any car/stage combo. I also provide some advice on adjustments to make if you find my preferred setup to be too tight or to not rotate well enough, (A not uncommon complaint!) seeing as how like my rally cars with a very dead rearend.

Other Great Free iRacing Setup Resources

Need a setup for some iRacing dirt track action? Or maybe you can't find anything here? See our partners Old School Racing at osracing.net a great resource for free competitive dirt and paved oval setups.

If you are already on discord or don't mind signing up for a free account Edwards Setup Shop is another invaluable resource. They have a whole library of setups for road racing series as well.

Last but by no measure least also over on Discord we have Buster's Corner. Our friends who in the past have been nice enough to allow us to occasionally post one of their setups here in the weeks where I just don't have time or something comes up that prevents me from building a setup for that week. They only do setups for the Next Gen Cup cars, but what they do, they do well.

*Buster's Corner is no longer free.

This is some very bad news, over time Buster's had built up what was a quite unique and valuable community over there with any number of very talented people coming together and making the whole more than the sum of its parts. For what it's worth their pricing is presently quite modest and among the lowest in the industry at a mere $5 monthly, -- price as of 09/01/2023 -- and this is of course subject to change at any time. Beyond that, and I'm of the opinion that this really doesn't matter anyway. In the end it boils down to divergent point of view, and I feel there current model is incompatible with our support for and belief in the principles of FOSS and the Free and Open Source Software ethos. So there is nothing else to do other than to wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and mourn the loss of this incredible resource that sadly is no longer freely available to the racing simulation community.

On a side note I plan to speak with Bill over at Busters soon to see if he would like me to remove the setups that he previously granted us permission to share here. Thus if there is a Buster's setup here that you really like, it would be wise to download a backup copy as soon as possible. There is a chance it could be withdrawn from the site at any time.

While we're at it I guess this is as good of a time as any to address a couple things I'm asked about from time to time.

#1. Why don't I have a donate link anywhere so people can support the site?

The short answer to question number 1 is I'm too lazy. I started to setup a donate button with PayPal but it took me more than 3 clicks so I said screw it and went to do something productive... LMAO.

I'm kidding, kind of. Seriously though, the real reason is that in the beginning I set this place up to basically function on $0. I'm on a free plan from well established and very reliable hosting service that I have done business with in the past. They are called "x10Hosts' ' and they have had the best free hosting product since the early 2000's. With the no cost plan you are given complete latitude and free reign over a resource constrained web server. You can run basically any framework with any software suite and any complimentary code you like. There is no advertising, no limit on the amount of visitors or traffic you can have. So long as you aren't breaking any laws you can do whatever you like -- within reason of course. --

The only stipulation is that someone has to log into the backend of the site once a month for the account to stay active. I upgraded to the plus tier not long ago which means for $12 a year I doubled my storage and no longer have to login once a month if I don't feel like it or can't. If I ever fail to make my yearly payment they just revert me back to the free tier. This past week I also went ahead and just spent $15 to register another forwarding domain opensetups.win for 5 years. The free ".ml" domain I had been using to forward here quit working when the government of Mali decided to claw back all of the previously free ".ml" domains such as the one I had used to forward here, "opensetups.ml." In a nutshell this place operates for just north of $1 a month and that meager amount is purely a matter of convenience and not a necessity.

If I wasn't already familiar with such a great hosting provider I would have probably just thrown the whole thing up over on github.com -- where all of the setups are coincidently mirrored today -- and used their page hosting feature as a frontend. Also even today, the github repository functions as a sort of insurance policy if for some reason something were to ever occur where I can't login or find anyone else to login to the websites backend for over a month.

#2. Why don't I have a Discord server, forum or somewhere to socialize, and connect.

To answer the second question is really just the fact that I truly dislike social media. I make a concerted effort to try hard not to support any of the social media companies as a matter of principle. The advent of social media has severely damaged and undermined western style democracy the world over, and caused real harm to people in every corner of the globe. Also I think there is a compelling argument to be made that the advent of social media may be an answer to the "Drake Equation." The Drake Equation is a mathematical formula that posits why in such a vast cosmos we haven't found so much as a shred of evidence of other advanced civilizations anywhere other than here.

Or the short answer.

I don't want to.