Atlanta Cup

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Free iRacing setups for the Next Gen Cup car at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Used in the open setup A-Class Cup series races held at the half hour of every odd numbered hour. (i.e. 1:30, 3:30, etc.) As well as the open setup NIS –NASCAR iRacing Series– of races held weekly at Wed 9PM, Thurs 2PM, Fri 9PM and Sun 10AM EST.

*Note newer setups are at the bottom of the list.

New Atlanta below classic Atlanta above.

*This setup shared with permission from our friends at Busters Corner. Sorry I’ve been slacking on setups lately I have another project that has been monopolizing my time lately. Hopefully I can figure something out soon.

*Warning this setup grounds out coming of 2 & 4 if you are in the lead! Raise the ride height (press < on the “shock collar offset”) on all 4 corners at least 8 clicks (11 if you think you may wind up leading) if you run it.