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  1. How do I load a setup into the sim?
  2. What do the numbers in the file names mean?

How do I get the setup loaded onto my car in the sim?

  1. Download the setup for the vehicle and track you wish to race.
  2. Go to the location where you downloaded the setup file. (Usually a folder named “downloads.” Inside you should find a file with the same name as the one you downloaded for example: “221-Vegas-DavidHoskins-DavRace.sto” right click on the file and select “cut”.
  3. Go to your “Documents” folder, double click on the folder named “iRacing” inside of documents. Inside the iRacing folder you’ll see a folder called “setups”. Double click it and inside you will find a folder for every racing series and car you have installed.
    • The NASCAR Cup folders are named:
      • stockcars chevycamaroz12022
      • stockcars fordmustang2022
      • stockcars toyotacamry2022
    • For NASCAR Xfinity:
      • stockcars2 camaro2019
      • stockcars2 mustang2019
      • stockcars2 supra2019
    • For NASCAR Trucks:
      • trucks f150
      • trucks silverado2019
      • trucks tundra2015
  4. Double click on the folder that corresponds to the vehicle you drive in the appropriate series. Inside you’ll need to right click, highlight “new” then click on “folder” from the sub menu. When the new folder is created it will be named “new folder” with the name highlighted. Immediately type in the name of the track you wish to add a setup for. (If the name “new folder” isn’t highlighted you’ll have to right click the folder and select “rename” from the menu then immediately type the name of the track.
  5. Left click the folder you just created and named and click “paste”. (If you can’t select “paste” go back and perform step 2 again and immediately return here.)
  6. Relaunch the sim. Once it loads click on “garage”. Inside garage click on “My Setups” a window will open that should have a folder with the name of the track you are currently at. double click that folder and inside you should find the file you downloaded. In our example that file would be: “221-Vegas-DavidHoskins-DavRace” Double click the file and you should go immediately back to the garage area where you should press the green “done” button on the bottom left.
  7. You can now press the large green “practice” button up top and center of the screen. This should place you in your car on pit road and you may begin your practice session.

What do the numbers in the file names mean?

In general a setup files name will be something like this:


In this example “Dover” is the name of the track. “221” Indicates this file was created in the year 2022 and during season 1. “87” Is the temperature at the time it was created. “DavidHoskins” is the person who built the setup. “DavRace” Indicates that this was a race ready setup at the time it was built. Other things that may appear in this field are “DX” for a setup still being developed or experimented with. “R” and “Q” for Race and Qualify appear often as well. The elements are often found in a different order or some like the temperature may be missing all together.