Free iRacing setups open source use as you wish, for all of the NASCAR series!

Welcome to opensetups.ml and our alter ego opensourcesetups.x10.mx the premier spot on the web for free open source use as you wish iRacing NASCAR setups. This site is a no cost place to get you prepared to hit the track and run competitively in open setup eNASCAR iRacing series. A-Class Cup, B-Class Xfinity, and C-Class Truck series iRacing setups can be found for each track from the navigation menu at the top of this or any page. Soon setups for the NASCAR Legends 1987 series will be added for select tracks.

If you are having trouble with the web site or just prefer to you can also find all of our setup files mirrored in our GitHub repository. No sign up is required to download from either place.

Do you know what to do with the setup file once you have downloaded it? If not see the FAQ pages for instructions on how to get the setup onto the car in the sim.

Please bear with us as the site is still very much a work in progress. I plan to put a divider or some type of marker so that you can tell setups that were built before from those built after the last major change to the given series or update of the core sim itself. I do my best to have something posted for each week even if it is just a copy of the generic iRacing_open setup for the track/series in any given week. Check back later in the week and there is a good possibility a DavRace or DX will be added. Those are almost always faster and more stable than any other option with the heirarchy _open Last Dirt Rally (2.0) will be added soon after either CodeMasters update the game with a way to export setups like they have been promising (prefferably) or once I find a way to display the different car/track/parameters in a way that is both easy to read and enter that also makes sense when you read it. You can visit WRCSetups for a sparce collection of setups across the many cars. A handful of mine are there as well.

COMING SOON! Dirt Rally (2.0) setups.

Need a setup for some iRacing dirt track action? Or maybe you can't find anything here? See our partners Old School Racing at osracing.net a great resource for free competitive dirt and paved oval setups.

If you are already on discord or don't mind signing up for a free account Edwards Setup Shop is another invaluable resourse. They have a whole library of setups for road racing series as well.