Martinsville Cup

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Free iRacing setups for the Next Gen Cup car at Martinsville Speedway. Used in the open setup A-Class Cup series races held at the half hour of all the odd numbered hours. (1:30, 3:30, etc.) As well as the open setup NIS –NASCAR iRacing Series– of races held each week at Wed 9PM, Thurs 2PM, Fri 9PM, and Sun 10AM EST.

Have you modified one of my setups and made it better? If so and you’d like to share your version of my setup, or a setup that you have built yourself, not one you bought? First read this really quick, then submit your .sto file here as an attachment to this email address. The setup needs to have at minimum the following:

  1. Unique file name containing.
  2. The name of the track.
  3. Which series the setup is for (i.e. Cup/Next Gen, Trucks, Legends, etc.)
  4. Anything else you’d like to include.

Again, see this post so you understand how to successfully submit a setup to the site.

*Newer setups are at the bottom of the list.

*See notes. Better late than never, right?

For the 242 Martinsville race use the above setup and ignore the notes. iRacing’s last patch broke the ability to change the rearend ratio in the Next Gen Cup car, leaving you with only 2 options for your final drive ratio. Neither one is particularly well-suited to racing at Martinsville.

I could run the closest to my previous best lap (+.3s) by downshifting to third mid corner and hammering it pretty hard on the way out. I sure wouldn’t want to run a whole race that way, but the technique could come in handy in the future when trying to complete a pass on the bottom on corner exit.